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This lucky couple were gifted a newborn photo session with me by their friends. What a fabulous gift for any new parents.

Natalia is their first baby, but already mom and dad had the whole parenting thing worked out. They were so relaxed and at ease with her. Even though, technically Natalia is the first baby she does have a BIG sister, of the four legged variety. Bailey, their beautiful dog has taken to the role of big sister so well. She is incredibly maternal. The whole time I was with there Bailey was sure to keep an eye on just how Natalia was doing. What a gorgeous dog. Natalia is adorable too, of course!

Whenever possible I love to involve Grandparents in newborn shoots and so I was thrilled when both of Natalia’s maternal grandparents where able to be present and were willing to be photographed. The images of them with their precious little granddaughter are so heart warming.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

May is First Holy Communion time here is Tarrytown. This year I was fortunate enough to photograph several families that I had worked with in the past for their older child/ren’s First Holy Communion.

I was looking forward to capturing Luke in his communion attire as I knew it would be a fun session. He is quite the character and ALWAYS likes to pretend that he doesn’t want ANY photos of him taken!! The image I captured of him sitting in church praying made me well up. I knew as soon as I took it that I was going to LOVE it, down to the vice like grip he has on his praying hands. Adorable.

Colleen was a delight to photograph and it was enjoyable for me to have the opportunity to get to know her and her sisters a little. Three very different personalities! It was a beautiful evening for her session.

Patrick is the first boy in his family to receive his First Holy Communion and what a sweetheart he is. I photographed his two sisters communions several years ago. Now to look forward to younger brother, Liam’s communion in a few years. That should be very interesting. He is a big ham.

TJ was incredibly serious for his First Holy Communion. I was so thrilled that my family and I had the opportunity to attend this special event for TJ and his family. He looked adorable in his elegant suit. What a charmer.

Gabi’s mom and I have been trying for months to get together for Gabi’s shoot. Rain has delayed us several times, but we finally hit the jackpot on Sunday. The sun was setting and it was a gorgeous warm June evening. I had not met Gabi before, but it took her no time to relax in my company. We walked hand in hand along the Riverwalk, what a sweet girl. She was quite a sense of humor and posed with her very loose tooth dangling out of her mouth at one point, to see if I would notice!!

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a Tarrytown mom and her two beautiful daughters. It was a perfect evening for a pre sunset session down by the river. I am really enjoying photographing older “children” (technically, young adults) lately. It is a totally different pace when you are not having to play chase with toddlers!
I would have a hard time if I had to choose one or the other though. I love the contrast.

I enjoyed sharing the gallery and slideshow with them at my home. It is always so rewarding to sit with my clients as they view their images for the first time.

This is one of my favorite images from the evening – it could be an album cover!

Several months ago I received a telephone call from a young man who was planning to propose to his girlfriend and was inquiring about hiring me to photograph them as he popped the question. The venue he had chosen for this special occasion was Kykuit, The Rockefeller Estate in Pocantico Hills. He told his girlfriend he had won the private tour and a photographer in a competition at work.

I was thrilled to have been asked to help him document this memorable time in their lives.

I arranged for a neighbor of mine, Laura, to be our guide for the tour. Laura’s father had worked for The Rockefeller family at Kykuit when she was a child and so she had grown up on the estate. Laura is now a docent at Kykuit and it so knowledgeable on all things relating to the Rockefeller family and Kykuit. Doug had purchased all 18 tickets for the tour so that the moment could be intimate and (almost) private. Laura and I watched from the wings as Doug got down on one knee. It was rather emotional to be part of this beautiful couples milestone moment. It was truly an honor.

After the tour and Alyssa had had time to digest what had happened they celebrated with some champagne.

Thank you Doug for entrusting me to capture the moment for you.

I wish you both lots of love and happiness for your future together.

Last Thursday evening I had the privilege of photography Emily and her friends at her parents home before they headed off to prom.

I am sure it was hard for all of the parents to believe that their children were graduating high school and heading off to college this summer. Kindergarten orientation just seemed like it was a couple of years ago!

It was incredible to feel the excitement and energy as each guest arrived. They all looked absolutely stunning and were a pleasure to photograph.

Congratulations to all Briarcliff High School Seniors.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss

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