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This little guy was due on Super Bowl Sunday. He decided he wanted to see the game and made his arrival the weekend before. When we set the date for his newborn shoot I had no idea that it would coincide with the Giants Victory parade in Manhattan (I did not think they were going to win!) Is it even safe to say that out loud in NY? I got lucky with the traffic and still managed to arrive on time to meet with handsome little man.

He stole my heart with his cuteness. Mom and Dad informed me that they had a tough night with him the night before. Despite the lack of sleep they were in very good spirits and were brimming with new parent excitement. It was so great to see. I love when friends I have known for many years become parents. Seeing them both swooning over their son was so heart warming for me.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Jack at 10 days old and am looking forward seeing him grow through the lens of my camera.

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family back in November. I have been photographing Baby I since she was a few hours old. Her personality is really beginning to shine through now. She is such fun to be around.

Wishing the sweetest little girl a very happy first birthday. Such a special day. I remember so well hearing the news that you had arrived. The boys and I came into the city straight after school to meet you when you were just hours old. How time has flown and how you have grown into a beautiful, funny little girl.

Cannot wait to see you again soon.

Hurricane Irene had delayed this very important occasion initially, followed by heavy rain the week after. Finally, third time lucky, the weather was perfect. Security in the city was intense in the run up to the tenth anniversary of September 11th, but fortunately we were able to proceed without any delays.

Natasha and I arrived an hour ahead of the shoot, so that we could scope out the best location for E to propose. The bridge is such a beautiful piece of NYC architecture, I never tire of taking photographs of it.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about being downtown that day. I have never felt scared or afraid of being in the city, but for some reason I had a bad case of the jitters on the train on the way in. Once the shoot was underway my mind was on the job in hand. Meeting E and O for the first time at the foot of the bridge I could tell that Natasha and I were in for a fun time. O had no idea that E had a ring box stuff safely in his sock! We had a plan that we could give him a cue as to when we were in a good location for him to pop the question. We did not want to keep him waiting too long as we could tell he was keen to ask O to be his wife, so that he could relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon, supping up the excitement of the moment.

This was the first time I have photographed a proposal. I felt so honored to have been asked, along with Natasha, to be part of E’s secret mission. O was surprised, shocked and elated when E showed her the ring. She was shaking with excitement as he tried to put the ring on her moving finger!

Once O had realized what had just happened we spent some time capturing the excitement and joy as they began their life journey together before they headed off for a celebratory dinner for two.

Note: O is wearing her engagement ring on her right hand – a Russian tradition. You learn something new every day, or at least I do!

I look forward to following the journey of this happy couple, so very much in love. Congratulations.

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