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When Bridget’s parents contacted me to book headshots for their 12 year old daughter I was thrilled.  Bridget has been singing and performing since she was an infant and I have had the pleasure of watching and listening to her hone her skills over the years.  She is the most incredibly talented young lady I know.

I look forward to following Bridget in her performing career, she is sure to go far.

Love you Bridget, break a leg.


This lucky couple were gifted a newborn photo session with me by their friends. What a fabulous gift for any new parents.

Natalia is their first baby, but already mom and dad had the whole parenting thing worked out. They were so relaxed and at ease with her. Even though, technically Natalia is the first baby she does have a BIG sister, of the four legged variety. Bailey, their beautiful dog has taken to the role of big sister so well. She is incredibly maternal. The whole time I was with there Bailey was sure to keep an eye on just how Natalia was doing. What a gorgeous dog. Natalia is adorable too, of course!

Whenever possible I love to involve Grandparents in newborn shoots and so I was thrilled when both of Natalia’s maternal grandparents where able to be present and were willing to be photographed. The images of them with their precious little granddaughter are so heart warming.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

It is always such an honor and pleasure when I receive a call from an expectant mom.  Even more thrilling when that call means that I not only get to meet a precious newborn, but I also get to reconnect with big brother.  Two years ago I first met the S family when they welcomed their first child, a son into the world.  To this day one of the most striking, emotion evoking images I shot was from that session back in December 2010.  It was of baby K with his grandmother.  If you have been following my blog since then you may remember it.  I have a canvas of it hanging in my home office because I love looking at it every day.  Grandma and I could could only communicate with hand gestures and eye contact as we do not share the same language.  Needless to say she understood and so the moment was captured.  For me this one single image sums up why I love what I do.  Capturing memories.  This sweet, beautiful lady holding her first born grandchild.  She was very shy and did not want to be photographed at first.  So glad she had a change of heart.


December 2010

March 2013


Mom was keen to notify me of little baby S’s arrival. I got an email from her just a couple of hours after she was delivered! She was a dream to photograph. Mom already had her asleep and swaddled when I arrived. I actually walked right past her as I set up my stuff!

I always love capturing the detail shots. She has the most incredible lips, so of course I had to get a macro shot of them.


Recently I have been putting together more and more storyboards for clients. Everyone loves them. They literally help to tell the story of the session and look fabulous when displayed in the family home.


Of course, a blog post would not be complete without a slideshow!

I was so excited when snow was on the forecast last weekend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowy photographs. It usually works out that the day after the snow has fallen the sky is the most beautiful shade of blue. Last Sunday was no exception. The C family contacted me as they were interested in a snowy mini shoot to commemorate their daughters milestone – 18 months. I first met this beautiful family for K’s newborn shoot. It was fabulous to have the opportunity to photograph them again.

I bought along one of our sleds. Little K was so thrilled to be pulled along by mommy and daddy. She kept saying “MOOOOOORE”. I love this shot below.

I had such a wonderful morning. Another of my favorite shots from the session is this one. The new RiverWalk certainly is seeing a great deal of my camera and I lately.

And lastly one that captures the moment of K adjusting to walking in snow, with her cute little snow boots on. It was like watching a baby take his or her first steps. The excitement, pride and joy on Mommy’s face is precious.


Wishing the sweetest little girl a very happy first birthday. Such a special day. I remember so well hearing the news that you had arrived. The boys and I came into the city straight after school to meet you when you were just hours old. How time has flown and how you have grown into a beautiful, funny little girl.

Cannot wait to see you again soon.

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