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Following on from yesterdays maternity session on the blog here is the little guys first photo session. Once again mommy had her hair and makeup beautifully styled by the incredibly skilled and wonderful Anabelle LaGuardia.

Baby Lyle was an absolute rockstar throughout his first photo session.  It was a pleasure to spend the morning with him and his proud parents, who have taken to their new role so seamlessly.  Relaxed, calm parents make for the most amazing sessions.  This was no exception.

I was able to incorporate many personal items into the session, which I always love to do.  We used a beautiful homemade blanket gifted to them for baby Lyle, a toy that had been Mommy’s and her sister when they were babies and then the last element we captured was the friendly rivalry when it comes to baseball teams!

I am so thrilled that this cute little guy lives in the neighborhood.  I look forward to watching him grow.


This lucky couple were gifted a newborn photo session with me by their friends. What a fabulous gift for any new parents.

Natalia is their first baby, but already mom and dad had the whole parenting thing worked out. They were so relaxed and at ease with her. Even though, technically Natalia is the first baby she does have a BIG sister, of the four legged variety. Bailey, their beautiful dog has taken to the role of big sister so well. She is incredibly maternal. The whole time I was with there Bailey was sure to keep an eye on just how Natalia was doing. What a gorgeous dog. Natalia is adorable too, of course!

Whenever possible I love to involve Grandparents in newborn shoots and so I was thrilled when both of Natalia’s maternal grandparents where able to be present and were willing to be photographed. The images of them with their precious little granddaughter are so heart warming.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

It had been a few weeks since my last newborn shoot and I was really excited to meet baby R. Three years ago I had photographed his big brother and sister when big brother was a newborn. It is so fulfilling when I have the opportunity to revisit a family when they welcome the arrival of a new addition.

Big brother E was very proud of his new brother, and big sister H was showing off her maternal instincts. The bond between the three of them was already so strong. What I thrill for me to witness and capture that for the family to treasure forever.

Since my visit the family were hit with the flu virus. Baby R ended up in hospital for a while. Thankfully they have put that all behind them now and everyone is feeling well again. Spring could not have come soon enough for this precious family.

Stay well.

It is always such an honor and pleasure when I receive a call from an expectant mom.  Even more thrilling when that call means that I not only get to meet a precious newborn, but I also get to reconnect with big brother.  Two years ago I first met the S family when they welcomed their first child, a son into the world.  To this day one of the most striking, emotion evoking images I shot was from that session back in December 2010.  It was of baby K with his grandmother.  If you have been following my blog since then you may remember it.  I have a canvas of it hanging in my home office because I love looking at it every day.  Grandma and I could could only communicate with hand gestures and eye contact as we do not share the same language.  Needless to say she understood and so the moment was captured.  For me this one single image sums up why I love what I do.  Capturing memories.  This sweet, beautiful lady holding her first born grandchild.  She was very shy and did not want to be photographed at first.  So glad she had a change of heart.


December 2010

March 2013


Mom was keen to notify me of little baby S’s arrival. I got an email from her just a couple of hours after she was delivered! She was a dream to photograph. Mom already had her asleep and swaddled when I arrived. I actually walked right past her as I set up my stuff!

I always love capturing the detail shots. She has the most incredible lips, so of course I had to get a macro shot of them.


Recently I have been putting together more and more storyboards for clients. Everyone loves them. They literally help to tell the story of the session and look fabulous when displayed in the family home.


Of course, a blog post would not be complete without a slideshow!

I always love meeting new families and this session was no exception. A last minute cancellation meant that I had time to accommodation the S family for a mini session as part of my End of Summer promotion. Things always happen for a reason. Dad was off work to celebrate a special birthday and little Charlie was turning 6 months. Perfect time to mark the occasion with a family photo session. Charlie was one very happy little guy and Mom and Dad were very photogenic. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. It was great to meet you.

Little Miss B has no shortage of hugs and kisses from her two big sisters. When I arrived for B’s newborn session C and G met me at the door and wanted to help me bring all my props etc in from the car! Such a wonderful reception. It was clear straight away that B has been welcomed with open arms by C and G. They were so excited to show B off to me. They were brimming with pride and excitement. Added to the fact they looked adorable dressed in matching white dresses for their photo session.

We started off capturing images of the three girls together. My heart was melting just watching them tenderly hold and kiss their new baby sister.

After the girls had their photographs taken together it was time to get little baby B off to sleep for some dreamy newborn images. Capturing the details I love so much. It did not take long before she was deep asleep.

I am sad that the M family are going to be moving away from the area this summer, thankfully not too far away. I have been photographing the girls for three years and have enjoyed watching the grow. Cannot wait to visit their new home in CT.

He decided to come a little early! Mom and Dad had been to view their maternity gallery the day before. When I did not hear back from Mom in reply to an email I had sent, I had a feeling they may be otherwise occupied. Sure enough the next email I got was informing me of his arrival!

Mom and Dad wanted a surprise and so did not know if they were expecting a boy or girl. The theme for the boy nursery was Retro cowboy and so I contacted the most amazing knit/crochet expert, Laura. She whipped up a stunning newborn sized cowboy hat. I was SO thrilled that baby F was a boy, so that I would have the opportunity to use the hat!

James was still adjusting to night and day, and was favoring sleeping during the day. He took a while to convince that he needed to sleep through his first photo session though. However once he was asleep he was very content. Mom and Dad informed me he sleep for the rest of the day after I left!


I think you will agree, he is a little cutie. Mom and Dad came to view their gallery this weekend and reported that James is still favoring the day time sleeping. Oh how I remember those first few weeks. SURVIVAL. Life is such a blur on a lack of sleep. I love that I have helped create memories of this important time in their lives, so that they can reflect and remember how tiny their precious baby once was.

I always love capturing the details. The perfect little lips, the tiny fingers and toes, but the thing I love the most is the “fuzz” on top of babies ears! It gets me every time.

With Mother’s Day the day after the viewing appointment I created this beautiful storyboard as a gift to Mom on her first Mother’s Day. She loved it.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet the F family. Looking forward to seeing James and his Mom and Dad again very soon.

I love meeting with first time parents to be for their maternity shoot.  It fills me with so much joy to be surrounded by the excitement they are experiencing as the due date of their new baby draws near.   K and R were so delightful, calm and photogenic.  Mom is super organized and so ready for the arrival of her precious little one.

I am so excited for their newborn shoot.  They have a beautifully lit home and I am already bursting with ideas for different set ups for baby F’s first photo session.  I purchased some new props yesterday which are going to work so well.   What makes it even more exciting is that they do not know the sex of the baby.  The nursery decor is going to look stunning for either boy or girl.  I love the two design plans they have in place.

The nursery is not yet decorated, but they do have a beautiful old rocking chair in the room which has been in the family for many years. Both K and her father were rocked in it when they were babies. Another special piece that K owns is an incredibly delicate lace blanket that had been her fathers when he was a baby. The detail is amazing and it has been so well preserved. What a treasured item. I am looking forward to incorporating it into the newborn shoot.

It was a dull rainy afternoon for the shoot, so we were not able to get too many shots outside. We did have some fun with some little shoes I had taken along. We have images of little girl shoes and little boy shoes!

Back in December the Allan Family welcomed baby V into the world, a little sister for L. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family once again. L had been a newborn client almost two years ago, so it was a thrill for me to see her once again, now a fun loving toddler.

When mom came for her gallery viewing appointment of V’s newborn shoot she confessed to still having the newborn prints from L’s session in the box that I had delivered them in back in 2010. Like many of us life gets in the way of framing or putting prints in albums. So the solution was for me to create two newborn albums for her. One from the 2010 and one for baby V.

It was wonderful to revisit L’s newborn session and create beautiful page layouts for her book. I absolutely love the way the book came out. Mom was elated, she will no longer have to reach for the box of photographs to remind herself of her first born as a baby.


If you would like me to create a layflat book featuring images from your session it is never too late.

Email me at debbie@debbieallanphotography.com for a quote.

This little guy was due on Super Bowl Sunday. He decided he wanted to see the game and made his arrival the weekend before. When we set the date for his newborn shoot I had no idea that it would coincide with the Giants Victory parade in Manhattan (I did not think they were going to win!) Is it even safe to say that out loud in NY? I got lucky with the traffic and still managed to arrive on time to meet with handsome little man.

He stole my heart with his cuteness. Mom and Dad informed me that they had a tough night with him the night before. Despite the lack of sleep they were in very good spirits and were brimming with new parent excitement. It was so great to see. I love when friends I have known for many years become parents. Seeing them both swooning over their son was so heart warming for me.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Jack at 10 days old and am looking forward seeing him grow through the lens of my camera.

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