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Poems on the Underground

Back in 1986 London Underground introduced Poems on the Underground, a great way to enable poetry to be enjoyed by more and more people. Such a wonderful concept, I remember fondly when it was first introduced. I was always on the lookout for a new poem to read on my way home from work! London Underground have continued to display poems on the underground ever since and have published a series of poetry books, which have proven to be very popular.

Fast forward to 2011 and our visit to London, during our visit we went on the tube with my mum and dad to travel on the London Eye. On the journey home my dad put pen to paper and wrote his literal poems on the underground:

Poems on the Underground

A poem on the underground
I’ve written just for you
To say a special thank you
For our trip to London Zoo

Oh no it was the London Eye
Today that we went on
Another special treat for us
How quick this day has gone

We decided Buckingham Palace
Was a place the boys would like
There were oh so many people there
Some even on a bike

As we left the palace
And headed on our way
A motorcade drove swiftly past
And The Queen gave us a wave

Down to Earth we quickly came
And a pizza next we had
Right now we’re sitting on a train
Heading home to our nice pad

A day out with the family
Where we went on London town
We even saw The Queen today
She smiled at us, no frowns

The London Eye we went on
And viewed the many sights
Whislt spinning around so slowly
We had no fear of heights

We walked right through a lovely park
St. James’s it was called
We ended up at a pizza house
Everybody had a ball

Finally we headed home
To Hornchurch on a train
A hectic day had ended
Someday we’ll do the same again


I love how he can just reached for a pen and paper and within a few minutes he had created an ode (or two).  Such a talent.


He did write another at the end of our trip which I will post in part iii.


As we walked along Victoria Embankment on our way to Buckingham Palace from the London Eye we happened upon the most incredible monument, commemorating the Battle of Britain. We had no idea it existed and so were thrilled to have stumbled upon it. It was unveiled in 2005 by Prince Charles and was created by sculptor Paul Day. The site of the monument was donated by Westminster City Council. The site is based on an existing panelled granite structure 25 metres long. This structure was originally designed as a smoke outlet for underground trains when they were powered by steam engines. It had been filled up and blocked for many years.

The idea for the sculpture came about from the Battle of Britain Historical Society as they felt it important that the battle be recognized for future generations. If this battle had been lost it is possible that World War II could have been lost. Read more about the monument here.

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