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On a sunny, crisp Fall morning this week I met with Robert Welsch, of Westover Landscape Design and two of his team at Peabody Outdoor Classroom for a collaborative project with The Public Schools of the Tarrytown.  Robert had kindly donated approximately 2,500 daffodil bulbs for the 7th Grade team Sharks to plant in several prominent locations at Peabody.  Mr Garguilo and the rest of the 7th grade Sharks team directed the children and put them into groups.  They worked diligently and were very enthusiastic.  For many of the students it was their first experience of the new outdoor classroom and it was certainly very well received by them.  Afterall, what better place to learn about nature?

Thank you so much to Tracy Brown, Katie Scully and everyone else involved, for presenting this fantastic idea to the School Board and having the energy and drive to see it through.  This is just the beginning of something truly magical for our school district.  Take some time to bring your family and explore the trails.  The Fall color is spectacular this week and the weather is amazing to go with it.   Unplug for an hour and take a walk in the woods that are right here on our doorstep.

I read a great saying today

Think outside, no box required.

This is so fitting for todays blog post.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this community we live in.

Here is the slideshow of the action packed morning.

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