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I have been photographing Dominique and her brother for three plus years and so I was thrilled to have the honor of photographing her 6th birthday celebration in their new home.

The theme was fairy princesses and so each of Dominique’s guests were presented with fairy wings, a tutu and wand to wear during the party. The girls were adorable. Ellen Watermelon created her party magic for the children and kept everyone entertained with her boundless energy, funny songs, dances and puppetry.

The party guests dined on a scrumptious array of food and enjoyed a beautiful cake from Lulu Cake Boutique.

A Tinkerbell Pinata was quickly opened and the children had fun collecting a bag of treats each.  After a little time to play in the late September sunshine the party ended.

Time for Princess Dominique to rest and recuperate after a busy morning of celebration!

How I wish I was six years old again.



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