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I am really loving going through my archived sessions from last Summer and Fall for blogging purposes. I always like to hold back on blogging during the months running up to the Holidays, so that gifts and Holiday cards are kept a secret from family members.

This session was fun and energetic. The children were delightful and each of them have such different personalities. Big brother is the serious thinker in the family. Sister is cute and a little fashionista! Baby brother is such a a sweetheart and a snuggle bunny.

I hadn’t met this family before, but have since had the pleasure of spending time with them on a social level. I love our small town – I end up seeing my clients outside of the “work place” It is fun to see children after their photo session with me. I get the look “where is your camera?”, like it should be attached to me ALL of the time!

I am looking forward to seeing this adorable family again very soon.

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