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I have been photographing the D family for several years and always look forward to their Fall session.  It always takes place at their beautiful Victorian home.  The wrap around porch is such a fabulous backdrop, as well as a perfect reflector!  Last Falls photo session it was especially important to mom and dad to be in some of the images with the children. Mom’s words were – “we need to show the family that we are alive and kicking in our Holiday card”. Back in the summer mom had donated one of her kidneys to dad as his were not functioning well. Thrilled to say that they both made an amazingly fast recovery.  They were back on their feet in no time at all.  The wonders of modern medical advances!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the session.


I was over the moon excited when I heard the news that the family is going to soon become a family of five. Baby brother is due at the beginning of June. I cannot wait to meet the little guy. Congratulations to the D family. I am beyond happy for you all.

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