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I just received a beautiful Thank You card in the mail. What perfect timing as we approach Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to clients and friends who take the time to put in writing just what my photographs mean to them. A dear friend of mine had to say goodbye to her four legged friend, Scout last month. It was tough for the whole family, but most of all for Katie. I had a small collection of images I had taken of Scout last Spring and was thrilled to be able to share them with Katie and her family. At this time of great sadness the memories helped them mend just a little.

Here is what the note said “It was so very thoughtful of you to print those amazing photographs of Scout for me. We have the beautifully mounted one on the mantle – it really helps me to have that in the living room with us! I need to do a Scout scrapbook and I really have no lovely photographs of her calm, lovely old age. Most are her young and extremely silly. the graceful, peaceful old dog is now captured for me – so important! Again your kindness and artistry are much appreciated!”

I cried when I read that for the first time. Scout was such a sweetheart and such a character too. She is missed by so many.

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  1. Todd J. says:

    Beautiful shots. We had an old girl Scout also who was a black Lab. We miss our sweet girl so.

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