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I always keep clients Fall shoots private until after the Holidays, so that I do not spoil gift surprises. Now that the holidays are well and truly over I think I am safe to blog the sessions!!! I wanted to start with one of my favorite sessions from last October. We had so much fun. Dad was such a good sport, hobbling around with his big “boot” due to his ankle injury. I did my best to hide the boot throughout the shoot, until the very end when we decided we needed to include the boot for prosperity!

I always enjoy LOVE sharing clients images with them at my home studio and this viewing session was no exception. I was part of mom and dad’s date night!! It was so much fun. The fire was lit, the wine was flowing and the tears were shed during the slideshow! That it what I call a PERFECT viewing appointment.

Happy Easter V family.

This is a question most clients ask me at their ordering appointment. It is so difficult for clients to visualize what aspect ratio works best with each image they select to display in their home. I have created these guides to make that process a little easier and will create a personalized guide for each new client if they wish to see a variery of crops for their wall art.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to work on a small pro bono project, something a little different from my usual sessions. The Tarrytown YMCA asked if I could shoot some of the new classes and studios they had recently introduced to their health and fitness program.

Yoga class takes place in a beautiful, sun filled studio. I could have photographed in there all day long, the light was amazing!

Barre classes are proving to be really popular. It was interesting to watch. I am looking forward to trying it out soon.

Boot camp takes place at OnTrack every Wednesday morning with Anna, the drill sergeant! I need this class to become part of my weekly routine too. She is tough.


And so it is time for my Spring Mini Sessions to begin. I met with my first Spring Mini Session family this past weekend at their beautiful home in Irvington. The children were adorable and a real pleasure to work with. Their 17 year old Westie just had to be in a few of the images too. He was such a cutie.

I love the non smiley images, so often they end up being my favorites.

I am looking forward to Spring weather kicking in so I can continue to shooting outdoors without everyone having to bundle up.

Call or email to schedule your family Spring Photo Session.

It is really hard for me to believe that baby Bobby is turning three years old today. I am sure mommy and daddy are feeling the same way. Time really does fly.

Wishing you a fun packed Happy Birthday Bobby.

It had been a few weeks since my last newborn shoot and I was really excited to meet baby R. Three years ago I had photographed his big brother and sister when big brother was a newborn. It is so fulfilling when I have the opportunity to revisit a family when they welcome the arrival of a new addition.

Big brother E was very proud of his new brother, and big sister H was showing off her maternal instincts. The bond between the three of them was already so strong. What I thrill for me to witness and capture that for the family to treasure forever.

Since my visit the family were hit with the flu virus. Baby R ended up in hospital for a while. Thankfully they have put that all behind them now and everyone is feeling well again. Spring could not have come soon enough for this precious family.

Stay well.

Feeling like I need to catch up on lots of sessions before Spring arrives and along with it good weather. I am going to be too busy shooting outdoors to have time to blog!

Back in December I had the opportunity to work with the S family from Tarrytown. Their third child arrived just before Christmas. “Big” brother and Big Sister were away visiting grandma, but came home towards the end of the session so that I could capture a few family shots for them, after I had spent time with mom and baby N.

Three very sweet children. Big brother, at just 14 months old seemed like such a big boy to mom when she held him for the first time in a few days.

Thank you so much for a wonderful session.

When Chappaqua author, Jeff Altabef contacted me with regard to headshots for the jacket of his book, Fourteenth Colony,  I was honored.   I met him at his home office.  We took a series of images there and then decided to head outside.  Offering him a variety of different images to select from.  His family helped him with the tough decision of which image would be THE ONE for the book jacket.  There was much deliberation, but in the end this was the winning image.



After the headshot images were taken care of I took a few shots of another important family member, Charlie, their puppy.  Such a cutie!








The weatherman may not be giving us any indicators that Spring is right around the corner, but the calendar is, and I am hopeful that the weather is going to improve! Longing for some fun, outdoor shoots with local families. I am pleased to advise that I am still taking booking for my Spring Mini Sessions.

Call or email to check availability.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

It is always such an honor and pleasure when I receive a call from an expectant mom.  Even more thrilling when that call means that I not only get to meet a precious newborn, but I also get to reconnect with big brother.  Two years ago I first met the S family when they welcomed their first child, a son into the world.  To this day one of the most striking, emotion evoking images I shot was from that session back in December 2010.  It was of baby K with his grandmother.  If you have been following my blog since then you may remember it.  I have a canvas of it hanging in my home office because I love looking at it every day.  Grandma and I could could only communicate with hand gestures and eye contact as we do not share the same language.  Needless to say she understood and so the moment was captured.  For me this one single image sums up why I love what I do.  Capturing memories.  This sweet, beautiful lady holding her first born grandchild.  She was very shy and did not want to be photographed at first.  So glad she had a change of heart.


December 2010

March 2013


Mom was keen to notify me of little baby S’s arrival. I got an email from her just a couple of hours after she was delivered! She was a dream to photograph. Mom already had her asleep and swaddled when I arrived. I actually walked right past her as I set up my stuff!

I always love capturing the detail shots. She has the most incredible lips, so of course I had to get a macro shot of them.


Recently I have been putting together more and more storyboards for clients. Everyone loves them. They literally help to tell the story of the session and look fabulous when displayed in the family home.


Of course, a blog post would not be complete without a slideshow!

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