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What a delightful morning I had with the S family. I have been taking their annual Holiday photographs for several years now and it is always incredible to me to see how much the children change and grown from year to year. Little M’s personality is really shining through now, he was once a shy little toddler who loved Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends and school buses. He has moved on now and it very fond of the movie Cars.

I just had to take a look back at their first gallery to see just how much the boys have matured. Wow, what a difference.

This year we went back to Rockwood Hall at the family’s request. As you know I LOVE it there so they did not need to talk me into it! M remembered being there last year with me and had been chatting to his mommy about looking forward to going to Debbie’s Forest again. Incredible that he recalled last years family photo session, when he was just 2 and a half years old.

Big brother R was keen to have some down time from being photographed and so he and dad bought along a football to play with “in between” shoots. He has recently become accustomed to being “on set” as he was cast in a role for a commercial for Sleepy Hollow tourism. I was fortunate enough to see a preview of the ad in which R plays the son of a family visiting Sleepy Hollow, its famous cemetery and encountering a mysterious spirit. He did an excellent job. Cannot wait to see it on air.

The Fall season is well under way and we have been enjoying some amazing weather so far, long may it continue. I photographed the D family last year and had so much fun. This year mom and dad opted to be on the side lines, so it was time to capture some sibling love and bonding. It was not too difficult with this brother sister duo. A was wearing a dress which had belonged to mommy and had been purchased in Germany. It suited her so well and she was so proud to be wearing it. What a treasure.

N was keen to disappear as much as possible! I succeeded in winning him over and chasing him down. He is a real ham when he stays still.

My favorite image from the entire session melts my heart every time I look at it. I think I will be ordering a large gallery wrapped canvas of it for my viewing studio. It is one of those timeless images. This is a perfect example of me having the opportunity to show parents what they already know about their children, but hardly ever have the opportunity to capture it themselves.

Looking forward to showing mom the slideshow and gallery this afternoon.

At the end of last month I had the privilege of photographing Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah at the beautiful Hudson Valley Writers’ Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

Rabbi Susan presided over the religious service and did a fabulous job of ensuring that Zoe’s milestone event went smoothly. Zoe had studied hard in preparation for this momentous occasion and it showed in her incredibly eloquent and emotional delivery. There to witness the event were her family and friends.

The service was followed by a magnificent celebration at the K home. There was a red carpet and the space was decorated in Hollywood style. The party was a huge success. A fabulous time was had by all guests, young and old. I was so impressed by Zoe’s dancing grandparents, wow, they have energy!

October has arrived and my weekends are BUSY with Fall family sessions. I kicked off the month with a beautiful family of three. We met at Stone Barns on a gorgeous sunny, warm October morning for their session. Little R was a character, she enjoyed taking in all the sights on the farm. Her favorite being the bees! She did not want to leave the area where the apiaries were.

Mom told me that R was not a big smiler and so I enjoyed capturing her serious looks. I love this one of her looking so adorable. The curls are amazing. She did smile just a little, I had to be quick to capture those moments.

I am not sure R understood why I was asking her to look in the puddle. I know if there had been a 22 month old boy with us he would have been jumping in it, but she carefully walked around the edge after this was taken. Precious.

I will post more from this gorgeous session after I have revealed the gallery to mom and dad. For now I will leave you with one more.

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