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Today is World Photography Day. Grab your camera, take a shot or two. I did.

I thank my two favorite models, they are so patient with me!! Without their “willingness” to be in front of my camera my photography would not have grown. Watch out boys vacation is just around the corner and that means a lot more photographs will be taken!

The shot on the right sends shivers down my spine, as I can almost see the military uniform on him. He was standing to attention with his shovel – all set for some serious digging at the beach next week. Big brother on the other hand will be taking the desk job and issuing orders!

I have been keeping the Fed Ex man busy this week. I tried out a couple of new products to add to my list of products to offer clients. I am really loving the message board. The boys have claimed it and have been enjoying writing messages and the “Question of the Day” on it! Whatever it takes to encourage my reluctant second grader to pick up a pen! The wipe board measures 12×18 inches and comes with the pen and magnetic strips to attach to the back. Perfect for the kitchen or office, that is if your children do not get to it first!

The storyboard is another wonderful way to showcase a collection of favorite images from a session. This one measures 10×20 inches.

I would love to hear what you think.

Just put together a couple of storyboards to help make it easier for the family to decide if they would prefer the color or b&w versions of these images.

Earlier this week I took a personal day, or should I say a personal morning. It felt so great to allow myself a little “me” time. The boys were in camp and so I planned several weeks ago with two wonderful friends that we would take a tour of Kykuit. Once the home to four generations of the Rockefeller family and now owned and operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation this incredible six story, rambling house truly took my breath away.

If you ever find yourself in the area during May – October it is so worth taking the time to book a tour. We opted for the Grand Tour, a three hour experience incorporating visiting the garden, the two main floors of the house and the basement, as well as the impressive Carriage House with its collection of vintage cars and horse carriages. The basement is home to Nelson Rockefeller’s vast collection of modern art, including many oversized tapestries of Picasso paintings. Having been to MOMA several days before I commented to my friend that I thought the modern art collection in the basement of Kykuit was more impressive.

Unfortunately photography is not permitted inside the house, however I certainly made up for it by capturing a great deal in the grand gardens.

I cannot wait to go back. Next time I think I will take the Garden Tour, enabling me to gain even more photography time!

Of all of the sculptures in the garden I love this one by Henry Moore the most. Our tour guide made reference to how the young Rockefeller children used to enjoy playing Hide and Seek in the gardens and how hiding in between the two pieces was a favorite hiding place. I can only imagine the adventures the children had in these vast gardens. Hide and Seek could have lasted for weeks at a time!

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of spending some time with the K family to capture family images for them for the first time. I always enjoy getting to know families a little more through their portrait sessions. The children were such a dream to work with. They followed instructions so well and came up with some cool ideas themselves, which I always love. I was rewarded at the end of the session with big hugs from each of them. So sweet.

We strolled through Rockwood Hall, enabling the children to run about and have fun throughout the session, chasing fireflies, climbing trees, swinging on the tree swing and generally have a great time. The three siblings get along so well and I think it shows in these images that there is an incredibly strong family bond.

I am so excited to share this little sneak peek with the family as I have so many great images to share with them. This is just a little taster of what is to come.


They LOVED the gallery and so here for you all to see is their slideshow:

I spent a fun morning with two very cute little two year olds yesterday. It was so hot I really did not expect that they would be interested for very long. But they have amazing stamina. We were able to shoot for over 90 minutes. A few lemonade and candy breaks were in order, but boy did they deserve them!

We started off in the long grass by a stream having a little tea party. They really enjoyed “drinking” candy from their posh little tea cups! Mum knows all the tricks to keeping them entertained. After several “costume” changes we ended the morning with a gigantic pillow fight! I had such a good time. I went home feeling like I needed a nap!

I was so happy that mum wanted to be in some of the images with the girls. I need to take a lesson out of her book and get in front of the camera a little more!

I think the one of the two of them on tippy toes, reaching up to the bridge is my FAVORITE. There are so many great shots of them, but this one stands out.

Here is a little slideshow of the mornings events.

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