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29th June 2008 was a very important day for two very special friends of ours.

Many months before I had received a phone call that I will never forget. It was like one of those cartoon moments when I really could not believe what I was hearing. I (yes ME) was being asked if I would conduct the marriage ceremony for Nick and Michael. I think I asked them if they were being serious! Why had they chosen ME? Well fast forward to June 2008 and I received documentation supporting the fact that I had been ordained for the day – 29th June 2008 by the state of Massachusetts! In the build up to the big day I was incredibly nervous. I was not used to speaking in public, and wow, such an important day in the lives of such wonderful friends. I had nightmares about messing up the vows for weeks. However just one week prior to their wedding I attended a wedding of local friends. I was totally put at easy when the minister “messed up his lines”. I was so grateful for that person for making a little faux pas, as it totally relaxed me. I could sleep again!!

Craig, the boys and I spent an amazing weekend in Boston, staying at the historic Omni Parker House, which was magnificent. We met some fabulous people, friends and family of Nick and Michael. Bud was fabulous with Cameron and Campbell. He took them under his wing for the entire weekend. They loved his company. We have been fortunate enough to meet up with Bud again since our time together at the wedding. Such a great guy.

Nick and Michael, the Allan family wish you a very happy 3rd anniversary. I am sure you are out celebrating in style tonight in London. Wishing we could be there with you both. Cheers to many, many more years of happiness together. Love you xxxxxxxxx

The Allan Family took a little vacation last month to UK, which I will blog more about soon, I promise. The main purpose of the trip was to attend Alan and Alexa’s wedding. Alan is one of my husbands cousins and so it meant a great deal to us all to be there for this special occasion. It meant taking the boys out of school, which is something I really do not like to do. (They get a long enough summer vacation as it is!!!) However I am so glad that we did and that we were away for almost two week. It enabled us to see both sides of the family and do some sight seeing too. More of that later.

For now here are a few of my favorite shots from the wedding. I did not want to get in the way of the photographer, who was a great guy. I cannot wait to see his gallery of images for Alan and Alexa. I shot a collection of images of him working the wedding as he was working alone and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for him to get some shots for his website. He was very grateful. Check out his website here. Reflect Your Life.

Alexa’s attention to detail was incredible. I loved the Scottish twist in the flowers and cake decoration. Sea Holly is one of my favorite plants, they really added a perfect punch to the table arrangements. The cake was make by one of her friends, it looked and tasted incredible.

Both the bride and groom looked stunning. I am a sucker for a groom in a kilt. I think it is the BEST wedding attire, but then again I may be biased!!

Not sure why, in the photograph above everyone is having such a hard time looking at the camera! Something much more exciting must have been happening EVERYWHERE else!

Cameron, Campbell and Ben wore their kilts with pride and looked fabulous. Ben had been trying his on for a whole week in preparation for his uncle’s wedding. He had certainly mastered tying his laces like a pro. The boys thoroughly enjoyed each others company. They had met once before several years ago, but were too young to remember. It was so endearing seeing their relationship develop. I hope they come to visit us in New York soon. (HINT HINT – Greg and Janine!)

I always enjoy WATCHING people dance, especially when it is a ceilidh. Craig’s aunt and uncle certainly know how to dance and had such a wonderful time. They looked so graceful.

Here is a little slideshow I put together, incorporating some of Craig and Cameron’s shots too. What a team! It’s a little long, but with three photographers there were a lot of images!!

Not sure how this final part of Laura and Christian’s wedding slipped through the net. But nevertheless here it is. The reception was held at the luxurious Greenwich Hyatt

I always love the emotion of the first dance.

The speeches were heartfelt, especially the one give by Laura’s uncle. Do not think there was a dry eye in the house.

Laura and Christian placed a beautiful photograph of Laura’s father along side the favors, with a note about a donation they were making in his memory.

To see more of Laura and Christian’s spectacular wedding day view the slideshow.

Last Sunday afternoon marked the celebration of Manu’s first birthday. I could not wait to capture this event, as Mom certainly knows how to plan a fabulous party. The attention to detail was amazing. When I first arrived I was welcomed by The Castle’s event planner. He informed me that due to the possibility of rain the party had been relocated inside. A shame as it was a photographers perfect day – a little cloud cover but bright, for wonderful natural light imagery. However the staff at The Castle had decorated the room beautifully for the party. Here is a little insight into the theme. A little prince playing in his garden! How sweet. The cake was so incredible, such a work of art. It tasted amazing too! It was created by Cakes by Lulu.

The floral arrangements went perfectly with the garden theme. Each center piece was slightly different, incorporating sand toys, pinwheels, grass and potted plants. They were created by Enza Anasatasi from Diana Gould Designs.

There was face painting and tattoos for the young ones, by The Creativity Zone

The Little Maestros performed. Manu absolutely loved dancing to their tunes. As did big sister, Dominique, who is a fantastic dancer. She enjoyed herself so much.

Following the music, the children headed outside for pony rides with Sparkle and Jackpot. They were cared for by and supplied by Pied Piper Pony Rides.

The slideshow gives a little insight into this truly amazing birthday celebration.

It was such a pleasure to capture these memories for the A family. A truly magnificent celebration for a sweet one year old boy. Happy Birthday Manu.

I first met Beckett’s parents back in April for their maternity shoot in Prospect Park. They had tentatively selected a name for their baby boy, but were not 100% certain. I am so pleased they stuck with their choice as it is such a great name, and seems to suit him perfectly.

Beckett’s due date was 24th May, during the time I was scheduled to be in UK. However S’s doctor decided that 18th May was Beckett’s birthday (the day before mine!) and the day I left for London! So by the time I got to meet the star of the show he was 16 days old. Born weighing in at 8lb 12 oz he was a solid little guy and had already gained over a pound.

For Beckett’s newborn shoot I went to their Park Slope apartment. As the weather was so good we took some of the session outside, which I always love. Beckett did not seem to mind either!

Mommy and Daddy are bursting with pride and I think it shows in every image of them. Grinning from ear to ear. Congratulations to you both, Beckett is one lucky little man.

All thanks to Facebook I reconnected with an old college friend recently. She read about my planned trip to UK and asked if we could meet up during my time in England. She has been an admirer of my photography and loved the idea of me taking some photographs of her beautiful daughter Rachel. The last time I had seen Rachel she was 6 months old! Fast forward to 2011 and she is now rapidly closing in on becoming a teenager! Crazy how that happens and us grown ups do not get any older!

Susanna, Rachel and I met at a park close to my parents house. I really enjoyed the challenge of working in an “new” location. It was certainly very familiar to me as I grew up in the neighborhood, but at the age of 7 I was not really looking at the park through the eyes of a family photographer! It was a perfect spot, with a huge variety of backdrops. I was in my element. Catching up with an old friend, getting to know Rachel and capturing memories for them at the same time.

Susanna is currently home schooling Rachel and it sounds like they are having a bundle of fun in the process. Rachel explained how to make Elderflower cookies and they had bought some along with them. They were delicious. She even picked some elderflowers to take home for more cookie making.

I really hope Daddy enjoys his surprise photographs of the loves of his life. Susanna had actually keep the shoot a secret from Rachel until the morning of. I hope she has still been able to keep the surprise.

We had the most wonderful morning together. It makes me feel a little sad that we live so far apart, but I am hoping the next time I photograph them they will be in my backyard! Homeschooling has lots of benefits, one of which is traveling off season. HINT HINT!

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that Manu’s first birthday is upon us already. I just had to go back and revisit his newborn session images. How the time has flown and he has grown into a fun loving little boy who adores his big sister. I could see that a strong bond had started to form when he was just 5 days old. Now there is no denying they are so connected.

We had a fun morning, packed with playing and stories before his morning nap. His birthday party venue was The Castle and so this little prince needed a birthday crown. Where do you turn when you need a crown in a hurry? Facebook! What a wonderful resource. Thanks to my friend, Virginia I had a beautiful birthday crown on loan from her very own Prince Charming. Manu was not too keen to keep it on, but we managed to capture a selection of images before it was completely discarded. He wears it well!

Now that I feel like I am on a roll with updating my blog – this is the second entry today. I think it is safe to say that by the end of the week I may even get to blog Manu’s party, which was A M A Z I N G! Cannot wait to show you.

I am back!

The Allan Family took a much needed vacation to the other side of the pond to visit family and friends and to attend a wedding. More about our trip later, but for now I did not want to miss the opportunity to blog sweet Grace’s communion, which I shot last month, just before I left for the UK.

Grace and her family are the most down to earth, warm and welcoming family. I have watched Grace grow up since we moved to Tarrytown five years ago. Her dad, like Craig is a volunteer firefighter here in Tarrytown and her mom a former workout buddy at the Y.

I think I was just as excited as they were about this special day. They booked me over a year ago to capture the memories for them. I attended the ceremony at Transfiguration and then accompanied them to Tarrytown House, on the borders of Irvington and Tarrytown. Such a beautiful venue for a wonderful celebration. The Vacca Family made me feel like a guest, insisting that I sat with them during the meal! The food was out of this world.

Grace was in her element, a little princess for the day. She had learned a special grace which she recited before the meal. She did such a great job memorizing it – it was long!

I spent some time with Grace alone in the grounds of the Mansion House and then with her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and her parents. She was reveling in the attention like a superstar. The photographs reflect her pure joy on this momentous occasion.

I think this is my favorite image of the day. I softened it up a little, giving it a fairytale feel. I enjoyed watching Grace run around, almost floating with excitement. Cute!

I put together a slideshow for the family to enjoy. Mom came over for a preview and was moved to tears. I especially like the snippet of video at the end. She spoke from the heart.

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