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This past Saturday was the BIG day for many 2nd graders in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. It was the day they have looked forward to for a very long time – their first holy communion. I had been booked for this day a year ago! I had the pleasure of working with two families on the day. I met with the G family bright and early before church to photograph their daughter Caroline. Last year had been big sister Catherine’s communion and so I was looking forward to spending time with the family again.

Caroline was in her element. She looked positively radiant and bursting with excitement for this momentous occasion. I captured images for the whole family (there are two younger brothers) and then Caroline and I ventured inside Transfiguration Church for some classic communion poses. She was very natural and at ease in front of the camera. I only wish I were the same.

I love the outtake of the whole family on the left. The boys were just about done at this point.

I will post a selection from the V family collection soon.

I hope every mother reading this had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday (USA). I certainly did. The weather was PERFECT, finally. A gorgeous warm day, allowing me to “play” in the garden. My ideal Mother’s Day involves gardening. It was time to turn the compost. It may sound crazy but I LOVE my compost bins. The feeling of excitement I get when I empty our fresh, homemade compost onto the garden is…….. well, weird I guess. But it is so gratifying to me, at least!

We grilled, ate dinner outside and enjoyed carrot cake and homemade ice cream for dessert. Thank you Melissa for the ice cream!

The boys even donned their swim shorts and had a massive water fight. I do not think it was that warm, but they were having a blast.

Hope your Mother’s Day was filled with love and joy too.

It does not seem possible that it was two years ago that we were at the same location taking photographs of Sara for her pre communion. At the time I observed Emma and knew she was going to LOVE when it was her turn to be the center of attention. She is such a sweet girl and wonderfully natural in front of the camera. I look forward to seeing her at church on Saturday for the big day.

We spent some time at Transfiguration Church before heading to Horan’s Landing for the opportunity to capture some great candid shots of Emma with her sister, Sara and younger brother, Luke. Luke had declared at the beginning of the session that he did not want to be in any of the photos. Within seconds he had changed his mind and was scouting out photo spots for me! He is a ham!

This is one of his ideas. Laying on the church carpet! PERFECT.

Here is Emma’s slideshow:

We had a blast. I cannot wait to do it all over again for Luke. In the blink of an eye we will be back there.

If you are interested in a pre or post communion shoot email me for details.

Recently one of our local newspapers contacted me about running a “mystery photograph” once a month. It would feature a local beauty spot or random piece of local architecture for readers to try to guess the exact location. This all started from a random post of a local FENCE I put on Facebook recently. I had used the image for my Flickr Fence Friday Group and was curious to know if any of my local friends had ever paid attention to a fence, located on MAIN St. I was amazed that only one of my friends was able to place it! So it is true, people really do walk around with their eyes shut, or at least they are too busy to look up from their smart phone to observe the detail around them.

Here is the fence

I think it is wonderful that someone took the time to carve the scene into what would have been a regular old white fence.

So fast forward from my FB post several months ago to yesterday when the Hudson Independent arrived in my mailbox. An image I had taken on Labor Day 2010 adorned the front cover of the newspaper. This months Mystery Photo! I felt very proud. I hope the readers find it interesting. Shame my name was incorrectly printed, but hopefully it will be correct next month.

Here is the image they used

Visit the Hudson Independent to discover the location. I am looking forward to seeing how my next image will look in print in the June edition of the newspaper.

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